Anna Bayliss » Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer


IMG_1595I have always been a perfectionist. Whether in school, at work or at home, every detail of every single thing I do has to be perfect. However, that is in no way what truly defines me.

Traditional, Dependable, Genuine… Combined, these three words encapsulate both me and my photography.

I am traditional in almost every sense of the word. I am quiet, diligent, and value my family above all else. Because my family and friends have played such an important role in my life, I truly value the opportunity to capture memories for others.

I am dependable because of the time and love I put into everything I do. When it comes to my photography, passion multiplies that time and love to an unthinkable level.  I will always do my best to capture the allure and vibrancy of my clients.

Most importantly, my work is genuine. Throw fake smiles and fake poses out the window. I want to see and capture the real you. Candid smiles, natural movements and comfort are vital to producing beautiful photos. Be yourself. I would love to capture genuine memories for you.

*Special thanks to my husband, Andrew, for helping me write about myself!